Class Level Monthly Tuition Semester Tuition
Pre Ballet $96 $425
Kinder Ballet $96 $425
Level 1 $96 $425
Level 2 $175 $765
Level 2 with Modern 1 $255 $1,125
Level 3 $175 $765
Level 3 with Modern 1 $255 $1,125
Level 4 $175 $765
Level 4 with Modern 2 $255 $1,125
Level 5 $185 $810
Level 5 with Modern 2 $265 $1,175
Pointe B* $310 $1,350
Pointe C* $310 $1,350
Pointe D* $310 $1,350
Pointe + 1 Technique* $385 $1,700
Pointe + 2 Techniques* $455 $2,000
Pointe + 3 Techniques* $520 $2,300
Unlimited # of Classes $550 $2,450
Adult Ballet - 1 Class per week $80 $350
Adult Ballet - 2 Classes per week $155 $685

Single Class Rate: $25

*Techniques available are: Pointe Class, Modern Dance, Yoga for Pointe Students, and Pas De Deux (by permission only)

Payment Information

City Ballet accepts credit card, check or cash payments. The non-refundable enrollment fee will be added to the first tuition payment and is due at the time of enrollment. Both the enrollment fee and first tuition payment must be received to hold the student’s place in the class. Credit card, cash or check payments must be received by the due dates. To avoid late payments, you may opt for automatic payments to be made by the first of each month/semester with your bank or through the credit card payment system link on our website.



Due by the first day of each month. A $10 late fee will be added to payments received after the 5th day of the month, and a $25 late fee will be added to payments received after the 10th day of the month. Please take this into account if mailing your payments.

Payments are due by August 20th and January 7th. There is a discount in tuition for students making payment by semester. Semester payments will not be accepted after these dates. Payments made after these dates will follow the monthly payment rate. Please take this into account if mailing your payments.

City Ballet sends email reminders before each tuition due date. We only bill students whose tuition was not paid in the month in which it was due.


There is a $35 fee for each returned check.

There are no refunds, credits, or transfers of tuition.

There is no reduction in tuition for classes missed.


Students are encouraged to attend a class of comparable level to make up for the class missed.

City Ballet

City Ballet

A. 5551 W. Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209

P. (214) 368-5250